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Archery World Tour is a free Target game. Notch your bow, draw an arrow from its quiver, take aim, and let loose a perfectly aimed shot straight at the heart of the leaderboard. Archery World Tour is a campaign based shooter game where you take on the world itself with nothing but your bow, some arrows, and your aim. archery World Tour is a first-person shooter-style game that introduces the concept of campaign-style gameplay where players aren’t just trying to hit a target, they’re contending with weather conditions like gusts of wind and slight breezes which must be accounted for if you wish to land your arrow as accurately as possible. In this target-style game, you will be trying to get the highest score in as few shots as possible. You have three shots per level in order to get the highest score you can, at the end of the third shot you will continue on to the next city that will feature different environmental conditions and a target which slowly gets farther and farther away. If you don’t feel ready to try your aim at the competitive circuit you can always practice shot for shot in the training sessions which allow you to get to know the physics of the game and the various weather conditions you’ll come to face.


On a desktop computer use your mouse to aim the reticule at the target. Click on the bow when you’re ready to fire. Bear in mind the impact of the gusts of wind which are displayed at the side of the screen. On a mobile device use your finger to aim the reticule and release to fire the arrow.

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