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3D Air Hockey


3D Air Hockey is a sports game. All the excitement of Air Hockey is now available at the touch of your fingertips. If you don’t have the time, the gumption, the friends, or the money to get up, go out and play a game of air hockey at the arcade then sit back down, fire up your phone and get clicking. Our version of 3D Air Hockey is custom made for hockey heads who don’t wanna get crosschecked on their way to the rink. With but a simple swipe of your finger you’ll be able to take on an unbeatable AI who has been custom designed to play nothing but 3D Air Hockey. Whether you’re a hoser at heart, or just a poser chasing the puck you’ll be able to appreciate the subtle ways this game simulates your favorite sport. When you play 3D Air Hockey it’s all slapshots, no penalties, and hattricks for everyone; no ice skates needed.


Click down on the paddle of your choice and start taking potshots on the net. But don’t be too aggressive, the harder you hit the puck the more likely it is to rebound into your own net. It’s a subtle game of giving and take and win or lose.

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