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Badminton Brawl


Badminton Brawl is a free sports game. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Badminton. This is Badminton Brawl, a game about badminton and brawling. In this free sports game, you will be able to become a badminton player who is working their way up through the rankings and taking on some of the best AI badminton players on the planet. Learn timing, combos, and power. You’ll have to learn how to defeat your partner with a variety of different serves, smashes, passes, and taps. Know which move to use and when then arm yourself and take to the court in this fast-paced game of rackets and birdies. You’ll love the minimal graphics and intense game-play of this realistic badminton game. It is a fun way to click, react and use physics to defeat your opponent. Choose from a variety of different skins and courts in order to fully customize the exact kind of game you might wish to play.


A,D: Move your character backward or forward. J,K: Light and medium powered parry. L: Serve and wallop the birdie as hard as possible.

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